ESWI Projects

Catchment Improvement Projects (East Suffolk Watershed Initiative)

The Partnership is working to secure funding which will enable us to carry out an ambitious suite of project designed to address the two most problematic issues within the East Suffolk Catchments; diffuse agricultural pollution and the impacts of in-channel man-made structures including historic river engineering works.

The projects were identified with the help of the ecosystem services opportunity maps and developed following extensive consultation within the partnership.  They all address issued identified by the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and are aligned to WFD objectives.  If funded, the projects will be delivered alongside and in co-ordination with other catchment initiatives, such as the Suffolk Holistic Water Management Project, to maximise benefits and reduce cost.

ESWI Catchment Improvement Projects

  1. Deben Headwaters Diffuse Pollution Management
  2. Mid Deben Channel Enhancements
  3. Sandlings Diffuse Pollution Management
  4. Easement of Barriers to Fish at Bramford
  5. Other Initiatives