SuDS Materials published

A new package of materials is now available to help catchment partnerships understand the opportunities presented by Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and promote the use of more and better SuDS in your local area. The pack contains:

  • A copy of the WWT/RSPB publication Sustainable Drainage Systems – maximising the benefit for people and wildlife, a guide for local authorities and developers
  • A selection of SuDS case studies from a range of contexts.
  • A PowerPoint presentation on SuDS, outlining key SuDS principles and how to maximise their benefits. A suggested script is also provided to accompany the presentation.
  • A video highlighting the multiple benefits of SuDS and showcasing excellent examples of SuDS from across the country.
  • A guide on how best to respond to SuDS applications made as part of the planning process. This includes a checklist of what to look out for and advice on how to suggest improvements to the proposals.
  • A digest of government and local authority plans, policies, strategies, agendas and legislation in England that SuDS can contribute towards, beyond just water management.
  • Simple instructions on how to demonstrate SuDS for stakeholder engagement purposes.

ESCP note – we have requested this information pack.

SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) are a key part of a new approach to managing surface water. They also provide the ideal opportunity to bring urban wetlands and other wildlife-friendly green spaces into our daily lives and link these with existing habitats creating blue and green corridors. Well-designed SuDS should also be an amenity and education resource for the community, providing high-quality public green space in which to relax, play and enjoy wildlife.

3 responses to “SuDS Materials published

  1. Hi, any chance you could let me know how I can help? I have academic and professional qualifications as well as experience in freshwater and environment al management. Also experienced in running voluntary organisations. I live in the Stour valley. Thanks in anticipation. Phil Smith

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