East Suffolk Catchments Partnership – the plan of action & progress

Now that the draft mapping of Catchment Opportunities is becoming available please find links to below to download the files.

Once finalised, these maps will be used to identify theoretical areas where action could be able to deliver benefits to many of the ecosystem services valued in the catchments. They will also be used to try to encourage those with existing project ideas to consider delivering additional benefits and, as importantly to support those projects in gaining wider recognition and funding.

At present these maps are in draft for review by the partnership. Each file contains a series of maps describing the landscape of the East Suffolk catchments and then goes into detail for topics including Water Quality, Base flows, Habitats and more. Each section finishes with an ‘Opportunity Map’ which seeks to combine the important areas, or those where changes can/could/might be made to draw us to apply efforts in the right places.

Finally, all the opportunity maps are brought together in one overall ‘Opportunity Map’ – the last one on the document. This will (when finalised and agreed by the partnership) be the map against which we can target and assess whether investments and effort can, or should be, applied.

You can read more about the overall approach here: https://essexsuffolkriverstrust.org/projects/east-suffolk-catchments-partnership/pes-opportunities/